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1993 - Benetton B189

United Kingdom

Benetton B189

Car: Benetton B189 (Overall Item page)
Number: 19
Information: Length - 5 3/8" - 137mm.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: F1GP
Car Category Details: Formula One Grand Prix.
Make: Benetton Formula Ltd
Benetton Formula Ltd
Logo: Benetton Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: The Benetton Formula 1 racing team participated in Grand Prixs from 1986 to 2001.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: B189
Model Details: The B189's only F1 win was at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix.
Model Production Years: 1989
Base Colour: Green

Colour Details: Various shades of mid green.
All Colours: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
Green Red Yellow Blue Black
Year: 1993
Catalogue Number: C.461
Year Information: For the first time in over a decade and a half the World of Formula One racing has a British World Champion, Nigel Mansell. The chemistry between himself and the reliable Williams car was all domineering. His racing exploits up to and during the 1992 Hungarian Grand Prix kept all who watched that superb race on the edge of their seats. He is a truly remarkable driver and a worthy champion.
The Formula One drivers of tomorrow need not wait for the chance to drive these thoroughbreds of the circuit. Their chance can come the moment that they pick up a Scalextric hand throttle. Each Scalextric Formula One car is finely tuned to give the driver optimum performance. The majority of them are fitted with Magnatraction to give super roadholding but the ‘Red 5’ Williams also incorporates Turbo flash which creates the illusion of excess fuel being burnt off in the exhaust with a quick flash of light from an LED positioned at the rear of the car.
The superb detail can be seen on all the cars highlighted by the careful spraying and printing of sponsorship logos. This is shown to its fullest on the new Minardi F1 and of course on the Williams.
Motor: ---
Publication Name: Scalextric - 34th Edition - 1:32 Scale
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 34th Edition
Scalextric - 34th Edition - 1:32 Scale
Logo & Box Design:

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Current: 61 - May 2022
Previous: 108 - April 2022
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Car Year Details (5)

1990 C.461 Benetton B189 1990
1991 C.461 Benetton B189 1991
1992 C.461 Benetton B189 1992
1993 C.461 Benetton B189 1993
1994 C.461 Benetton B189 1994

Sets Included In (3)

1992 Formula One Set
1993 Formula One Set
1994 Grand Prix Set

Service Sheets (4)

150 Ford Benetton, Tyrrell 018 July 1991
150 (Back) Ford Benetton, Tyrrell 018 - Back July 1991
150A Ford Benetton, Tyrrell 018 April 1992
150A (Back) Ford Benetton, Tyrrell 018 - Back April 1992

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