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This site holds information for Scalextric catalogued models up to 1996, there is no information for uncatalogued cars or items.

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For a further detailed study of Scalextric in pictures and words, purchase the terrific book 'Scalextric - The Ultimate Guide, 7th Edition' by Roger Gilham. If you cannot find the book locally, it is available from ebay or Amazon (link below).

Top 8 Items

1. Electra
2. Le Mans 24 Hour Set
3. Matra Jet
4. Le Mans 24 Hour Set
5. JPS Lotus 72D
6. Pole Position Racing Set
7. Mini Cooper
8. '007' Set

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Horse & Sulky - Julie's Choice
Horse & Sulky - Julie's Choice


2,108 yearly Items over 37 Years.
767 individual Items (inc. Sets)
596 Cars, Bikes, Trucks, Horses etc.
171 catalogued Sets.
542 Cars.
18 Bikes.
14 Trucks.

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