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Ford Sierra Cosworth

United States

Ford Sierra Cosworth

Years Released: 1992 1993 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Car: Ford Sierra Cosworth
Number: 3
Information: Length - 5 1/2" - 139mm.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: BTCC
Car Category Details: British Touring Car Championship
Base Colour: Yellow

Colour Details: Various shades of yellow.
Logo & Box Style:

1992 1993

1992 1993
Make: Ford
Logo: Ford Logo
Logo Years: Since 1927
Make Details: Ford revolutionised car production by expanding and refining the car assembly line concept in the early 1900s.
Make Country: United States
Model: Sierra
Model Details: The Sierra was a family car that replaced the Cortina in the Ford range.
Model Production Years: 1982 - 1993

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Current: 433 - May 2022
Previous: 303 - April 2022
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Car Year Details (2)

1992 C.169 Ford Sierra Cosworth 1992
1993 C.169 Ford Sierra Cosworth 1993

Item Year Information

1992 Stripped of unnecessary parts X Cars, or experimental cars are used to test the durability of car components for long periods of time. Be they engines, shock absorbers or tyres, these components are really pat through their paces, and in many cases tested to destruction.
Shown on these pages are a range of Scalextric 'X' Cars that can either be used for raring, time trials or just duration driving. Like their full size counterparts, they have no lighting equipment but this in no way impairs their handling characteristics.
1993 These colourful cars are intended for daytime circuit racing only, hence their lack of lights. This is in keeping with their full-size counterparts which are raced during the daylight hours and used by car component manufacturers for endurance/component testing. Racing teams also use this class of car to test modifications to designs, which if proved successful, can find their way into the normal family saloon.
All of these Scalex models are equipped with Magnatractlon which Improves their 'ground effect' when they negotiate comers at speed, however, this does not make them immune from leaving the track, so care must be exercised.

Service Sheets (2)

151B Ford RS Cosworth with Head & Brakelights June 1992
151B (Back) Ford RS Cosworth with Head & Brakelights - Back June 1992

Catalogue Images (2)

C.169 - Ford Sierra Cosworth - 1992
C.169 Ford Sierra Cosworth - 1992

C.169 - Ford Sierra Cosworth - 1993
C.169 Ford Sierra Cosworth - 1993

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