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Years Released: 1992 1993 1994 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 3 years.

Car: BRM P25
Number: 5
Information: Length - 5 1/8" - 130mm.
The Power And The Glory.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: F1GP
Car Category Details: Formula One Grand Prix.
Base Colour: Green

Colour Details: Various shades of mid green.
Logo & Box Style:

1992 1993 1994

1992 1993 1994
Make: BRM
Logo: BRM Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: British Racing Motors was a British Formula 1 team based in Britain from the 50ís to the 70ís. In 1962, BRM won both the Formula 1 driver and constructor championships.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: P25
Model Details: Type 25. The P25 began racing in 1955 and managed one F1 win at the 1959 Dutch Grand Prix.
Model Production Years: 1955 - 1959

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Current: 246 - May 2022
Previous: 331 - April 2022
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Car Year Details (3)

1992 C.098 BRM P25 1992
1993 C.098 BRM P25 1993
1994 C.098 BRM P25 1994

Item Year Information

1992 The BBC TV 'Power and the Glory' series traces the history of the racing car, in its many guises, from its very beginnings at the turn of the century to the high tech days of the 1990's.
For thirty five years Scalextric have been producing model slot racing cars, some of which are being re-introduced in conjunction with the BBC to celebrate the racing car and those brave drivers who have driven them with such great courage into the pages of the Automobile history books.
1993 The highly acclaimed BBC television series. The Power and the Glory, which is now available on video, traces the history of the racing car in all its various formats from the early days of motoring up to the present day. The thrills and literally the spills of motor racing, (illustrated in many instances by the use of archive film) show in great detail the skill and bravery of the racing drivers of yesterday and today.
All forms of racing are catered for, from Formula One to Rallying, from World Land Speed Records to Dragster Racing; there is something for everyone.
Scalextric is therefore privileged to be associated with this series because of its own long association with the motor racing world. The model cars included in the 'Power and the Glory' range are representative of those manufactured over the last few decades and trace the development of Scalextric over those exciting years.
1994 The enthralling and generally informative BBC television and video series, The Power and the Glory, traced the history of motor racing from its early days right through to the high tech racing cars of today. By the clever use of existing archive film, mixed in with new film footage of the 'old-soldiers', a wonderful picture emerged of the trials and tribulations the pioneers in the auto-world went through to achieve what is now common place on the roads of this and other countries.
Scalextric is, therefore, honoured to be associated with such a prestigious programme because of its own long standing relationship with the motoring world. The models illustrated on this page are representative of those cars manufactured over the decades and trace the development of Scalextric over the years. All the cars are now fitted with the latest Scalextric motor and some even have Magnatraction.
The Power and the Glory series - Vintage racing at its best.

Service Sheets (1)

164 (Back) BRM 2 1/2 Litre 1959 Model August 1992

Catalogue Images (3)

C.098 - BRM P25 - 1992
C.098 BRM P25 - 1992

C.098 - BRM P25 - 1993
C.098 BRM P25 - 1993

C.098 - BRM P25 - 1994
C.098 BRM P25 - 1994

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