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Scalextric 500 Set

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Scalextric 500 Set

Years Released: 1979 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 1 year.

Item: Scalextric 500 Set
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Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
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1979 C.538 Scalextric 500 Set 1979

Set Items (2)

Tyrrell 008
Released: 1979 1980 1981 1982
4 Blue
Ferrari 312T3
Released: 1979 1980 1981 1982
11 Red

Set Year Information

1979 Scalextric 500
The Scalextric 500 is the most exciting of the range of Scalextric sets. Running length totals a fantastic 28 feet and the track can be laid out in three different ways to offer tremendous variety. Included in the set is the Scalextric lap recorder which automatically records and displays the number of laps each car completes as racing progresses. For excitement on the track the 500 includes both a pair of crossover tracks and the chicane set. The 500 is the ultimate in Scalextric racing sets, but, with so much equipment contained in the set it is also the most economical way to buy a large layout.
Elf tyrell 008 formula one racing car
Ferrari 312T3 formula one racing car
Basic track layout
36 Crash barriers with flagpoles and flags
1 Speed Calculator
4 Bridge supports
2 Hand Throttles
1 Power Pack for 200-240 volts AC mains
The Scalextric 500 Export (C.539) does not contain the power pack.
By placing two hump bridges or two skid chicanes next to each other a very interesting and novel section of track is created which is great fun to drive over and parallels situations which exist in the real motor racing world. Alternatively, you can experiment with the extension package by placing hump bridges and skid chicanes anywhere on the circuits.
Basic track layout
10 Standard curves
8 Straights D
3 Straights C
1 Chicane set (2 track pieces)
1 Crossover set (2 track pieces)
3 ‘High Speed’ banked curves
1 Double inner curve
1 Starting line straight
1 Lap recorder
Approximate size: 381 cm x 137 cm (12’6" x 4’6").

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C.538 - Scalextric 500 Set - 1979
C.538 Scalextric 500 Set - 1979

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