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1993 - Brabham BT44B - Kotzting

United Kingdom

Brabham BT44B - Kotzting

Car: Brabham BT44B - Kotzting (Overall Item page)
Number: 16
Information: Length - 5 1/8" - 131mm.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: F1GP
Car Category Details: Formula One Grand Prix.
Make: Brabham
Logo: Brabham Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: Brabham was co-founded by Formula 1 champion, Australian Jack Brabham in the early 1960ís. Jack is the only driver in Formula 1 history to drive for a team with his own name.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: BT44B
Model Details: The BT44 won 5 F1 Grand Prix races and was powered by a Ford V8 engine.
Model Production Years: 1975
Base Colour: Black

Colour Details: The most elegant of all colours.
All Colours: Black, Red
Black Red
Year: 1993
Catalogue Number: C.229
Year Information: Every Formula One driver learnt the basics of his chosen profession by first developing his craft on less powerful but possibly more durable machines. Many of them would start with Go-Karts and move on to Formula Ford or a similar class, eventually going as far as Formula Three and then taking the giant step into Formula One.
The single seat racers are very similar to their full size counterparts as, like them, they are simply constructed to take the rough and tumble of the novice driver. Aerofoils are designed to be easily replaced should they become detached during an accident, restricting any chance of permanent damage. The motors and pick-ups are all standard components so that service becomes simplicity itself.
Motor: ---
Publication Name: Scalextric - 34th Edition - 1:32 Scale
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 34th Edition
Scalextric - 34th Edition - 1:32 Scale
Logo & Box Design:

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Current: 157 - August 2023
Previous: 304 - July 2023
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Car Year Details (8)

1989 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1989
1990 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1990
1991 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1991
1992 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1992
1993 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1993
1994 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1994
1995 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1995
1996 C.229 Brabham BT44B - Kotzting 1996

Service Sheets (1)

156 (Back) Auto Mech, Kotzting March 1992

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