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Lancia LC2


Lancia LC2

Years Released: 1987 1988 1989 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 3 years.

Car: Lancia LC2
Number: 44
Information: Super Racing System. Spanish import.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: Endurance
Car Category Details: A car racing class concentrating on the ability of manufacturers to build reliable yet sporty cars.
Base Colour: White

Colour Details: The perfect colour.
All Colours: White, Red, Black
Logo & Box Style:

1987 1988 1989

1987 1988 1989
Make: Lancia
Logo: Lancia Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: The innovative Lancia Automobiles company was founded in 1906 and is renowned for both luxury and rally cars.
Make Country: Italy
Model: LC2
Model Details: The Lancia LC2 was powered by a V8 Ferrari engine.
Model Production Years: 1983 - 1986

Item Ranking:
Current: 103 - December 2023
Previous: 65 - November 2023
Movement: (-38)

Car Year Details (3)

1987 C.016 Lancia LC2 1987
1988 C.016 Lancia LC2 1988
1989 C.016 Lancia LC2 1989

All Colours (3)

White The perfect colour. White
Red Various shades of red. Red
Black The most elegant of all colours. Black

Item Year Information

1988 Super Racing System
These exciting models have been designed and engineered in Spain for the more advanced Scalextric driver. They are not intended for use on banked curves. The brightly decorated bodies are vacuum formed in light, tough polycarbonate. The basic chassis may be 'modified' by the driver/mechanic to suit any particular circuit.
The variables are:-
Rear wheel track
Gear ratio (3 options supplied)
Guide blade position
Height of adhesion magnets from track
The driver who arrives at the best combination of these adjustments has the best chance of winning the race.
1989 The exciting SRS cars are for more advanced Scalextric drivers.
They have been designed and engineered in Spain to incorporate a chassis with adjustable features enabling the driver/mechanic to experiment with different configurations that will give the “drivers” car the best performance on a particular track circuit.
The adjustments available are rear wheel track, wheelbase, rear axle gear ratio, guide blade position and adhesion magnet position.
The cars are not designed for running on banked curves.

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Catalogue Images (3)

C.016 - Lancia LC2 - 1987
C.016 Lancia LC2 - 1987

C.016 - Lancia LC2 - 1988
C.016 Lancia LC2 - 1988

C.016 - Lancia LC2 - 1989
C.016 Lancia LC2 - 1989

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