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T45 Road Train

United Kingdom

T45 Road Train

Years Released: 1985 1986 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Item: T45 Road Train
Number: None
Information: ---
Category: Trucks
Category Details: Racing trucks.
Car Category: Commercial
Car Category Details: Vehicle designed and used for transporting paid passengers or goods.
Base Colour: Blue

Colour Details: Various shades of mid blue.
Logo & Box Style:

1985 1986

1985 1986
Make: Leyland
Logo: Leyland Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: British Leyland formed in 1968, when British Motor Holdings merged with the Leyland Motor Company.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: T45
Model Details: The once popular T45 truck, was designed and built in the United Kingdom.
Model Production Years: ---

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Current: 358 - December 2023
Previous: 495 - November 2023
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Item Year Details (2)

1985 C.370 T45 Road Train 1985
1986 C.370 T45 Road Train 1986

Item Year Information

1985 T45 Team is the club for drivers of all Leyland trucks, from the earliest vintage vehicles right the way through to today s impressive T45 Roadtrain.
Launched in 1984, T45 Team exists to foster good relations with operators and drivers of Leyland Trucks, keeping them In touch with Leyland's progress both in product development and new model introduction.
The special T45 Truck, complete with its box trailer, can be seen being demonstrated during the year at various truck racing events including the Truck Grand Prix at Donnington and the International Motor Show at Birmingham.
The Scalextric T45, like its full size counterpart, features a sleeping bunk and super detailing such as chrome plated air horns, air conditioning unit, aerial, ladder and front grille.
The use of this vehicle with the C.156 and C.152 inner curves is not recommended. The height of the trailer and extra long wheelbase can sometimes restrict access, particularly when attempting to travel over and under flyovers, hump bridges etc.
1986 The massive T45 is 11 (28.5 cm) long and a fine scale model with intricate details and a lift-off trailer roof.

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Catalogue Images (2)

C.370 - T45 Road Train  - 1985
C.370 T45 Road Train - 1985

C.370 - T45 Road Train  - 1986
C.370 T45 Road Train - 1986

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