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1996 - Grand Prix Set

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Grand Prix Set

Item: Grand Prix Set (Overall Item page)
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Category: Sets
Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
Year: 1996
Catalogue Number: C.653
Year Information: Contents: Power Bose and mains transformer included. Cars not suitable for C.187 Banked Curves.
It's a new season with new drivers and now two new teams to enter the fast and furious world of Grand Prix racing. The new teams on the track are heavily sponsored by Sally Ferries and Avon Tyres respectively and each car carries the distinctive and individual livery that leaves the casual observer in no doubt of this fact. Although similar, both cars have differing body profiles, the Sally Team favouring the tear drop body shape while Avon have opted for the flat sided engine pods and 'shark' nosed front spoiler configuration.
Both cars are well suited to the twists and turns of the track included with the set and it will be noted by the keen eyed observer that there are no banked tracks incorporated into the circuit. This is because of the extremely low, ground hugging profile of each of the cars which makes them unsuitable to negotiate the C.187 banked track. So be warned, watch out for those power slides as you career around the bends!
Publication Name: Scalextric - 37th Edition
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 37th Edition
Scalextric - 37th Edition
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1996 C.653 Grand Prix Set 1996

Set Items (2)

Single Seater - Team Avon Tyres
Released: 1996
22 Yellow
Single Seater - Team Sally Ferries
Released: 1996
24 White

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