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Sauber Mercedes C9/88


Sauber Mercedes C9/88

Years Released: 1992 1993 1994 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 3 years.

Car: Sauber Mercedes C9/88
Number: 61
Information: Length - 5 3/4" - 146mm.
Sauber with lights.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: Endurance
Car Category Details: A car racing class concentrating on the ability of manufacturers to build reliable yet sporty cars.
Base Colour: Silver

Colour Details: Metallic grey.
All Colours: Silver, Black
Logo & Box Style:

1992 1993 1994

1992 1993 1994
Make: Sauber
Logo: Sauber Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: Sauber Motorsport AG is a Formula 1 team based in Switzerland.
Make Country: Switzerland
Model: C9
Model Details: The C9 was built as a partnership between Sauber and Mercedes as the engine manufacturer.
Model Production Years: 1987 - 1989

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Current: 377 - December 2023
Previous: 240 - November 2023
Movement: (-137)

Car Year Details (3)

1992 C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 1992
1993 C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 1993
1994 C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 1994

Sets Included In (2)

1992 Le Mans 24 Hr Set
1992 1993 Sports Prototypes Set

All Colours (2)

Silver Metallic grey. Silver
Black The most elegant of all colours. Black

Item Year Information

1992 World Sports Cars.
The names of Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes are synonymous with World Sports Championship racing.
These giants of the racing circuit challenge each other over many hours and miles in a series of endurance races through the year. Great demand is put on the cars and drivers but lessons learnt and improvements made help to make the every day production saloon safer.
Scalextric World Sports cars are fitted with headlights (for 24 hour racing), brakelights that illuminate when the trigger on the hand throttle is released and Magnatraction. The Sauber Mercedes is fitted with the Easifit guide blade.
1993 World Sports Car Racing - the perfect bonding of man and machine. It is not only the cars that are built to endure the rigours of Sports Car racing, the drivers must also have the stamina to drive them. In some Instances for long periods of time and in all types of weather, day and night.
Luckily the Scalextric driver need not worry about the weather, however, he or she may find themselves in an endurance race that can last several hours. All the World Sports Cars on this and the following pages are equipped with headlights, brakelights, Magnatractlon and where possible the Easi-fit guide blades for fast pick-up changes during those long racing hours.
All you have to do is choose your car and get racing.

Service Sheets (2)

152A Sauber Mercedes with Head & Brakelights April 1992
152A (Back) Sauber Mercedes with Head & Brakelights - Back April 1992

Catalogue Images (3)

C.189 - Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1992
C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1992

C.189 - Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1993
C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1993

C.189 - Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1994
C.189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88 - 1994

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