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Jaguar XJ220

United Kingdom

Jaguar XJ220

Years Released: 1993 1994 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Car: Jaguar XJ220
Number: None
Information: Length - 5 15/16" - 150mm.
Jaguar XJ220 with lights.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: Sports
Car Category Details: A small car designed for performance and handling together with high maneuverability and minimum weight.
Base Colour: Silver

Colour Details: Metallic grey.
Logo & Box Style:

1993 1994

1993 1994
Make: Jaguar
Logo: Jaguar Logo
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: Jaguar is famous for their production of both prestigious sports and saloon cars. The E-Type sports model is arguably Jaguar’s most famous car.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: XJ220
Model Details: The XJ220 held the record for the fastest production car in 1992.
Model Production Years: 1992 - 1994

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Current: 361 - December 2023
Previous: 339 - November 2023
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Car Year Details (2)

1993 C.257 Jaguar XJ220 1993
1994 C.257 Jaguar XJ220 1994

Item Year Information

1993 The concept car of the Jaguar XJ220 was first shown at the British Birmingham Motor Show in 1933 and was a development of the very successful Jaguar World Championship Group C car. What started as a dream became reality four years later on a sunny day in August 1992 at the Salzburgring circuit in Austria when the Jaguar XJ220 was shown off to the World's Press.
The top speed of this car of cars is 217.1 mph, giving an acceleration of 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Jaguar XJ220 is noted in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest production car in the world.
Scalextric are proud to announce that with the full cooperation of Jaguar Sport a model of the sensational Jaguar XJ220 will take its place alongside the Lamborghini Diablo and the Ferrari F40. Complete with headlights, tall lights, brakelights and Magnatraction the Jaguar XJ220 will be a force to be reckoned with on any Scalextric circuit and deserves the title of 'Super Car'.

Service Sheets (2)

167 Jaguar XJ220 July 1993
167 (Back) Jaguar XJ220 - Back July 1993

Catalogue Images (2)

C.257 - Jaguar XJ220 - 1993
C.257 Jaguar XJ220 - 1993

C.257 - Jaguar XJ220 - 1994
C.257 Jaguar XJ220 - 1994

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