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1981 - Williams FW07B

United Kingdom

Williams FW07B

Car: Williams FW07B (Overall Item page)
Number: 27
Information: Single-piece rear wing and support.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: F1GP
Car Category Details: Formula One Grand Prix.
Make: Williams
Logo: Williams Emblem
Logo Years: ---
Make Details: Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited is a very successful Formula One team, having won 9 constructors championships and 7 drivers championships.
Make Country: United Kingdom
Model: FW07B
Model Details: The FW07 won fifteen F1 races over four years, winning the World Constructors Championship in 1980 and 1981.
Model Production Years: 1980
Base Colour: White

Colour Details: The perfect colour.
All Colours: White, Dark Blue
White Dark Blue
Year: 1981
Catalogue Number: C.138
Year Information: Without doubt the centre of attraction in the world of motor racing is the cars themselves. Everything revolves around the fascination and excitement they produce.
The atmosphere is electrifying on the day of the Grand Prix and tension really mounts as the race gets under way and the cars are put through their paces
Each team has its own designers, mechanics and drivers, together producing a specialist racing car which they believe will be better on the day than any other.
Scalextric believe that is is essential to capture the atmosphere and variety of real racing cars in their models. Our models are of a size large enough for us to do this, and to design the car so that it has superb handling characteristics responding delicately to the drivers commands.
Undoubtedly the success story of the past two seasons lies with the Saudia Leyland Williams team. With designer Patrick Head and Team Manager Frank Williams the FW07B has been successful throughout the last year
Williams have now won the British Grand Prix two years running with Regazzoni in 1979 (in an FW07) and Jones in 1980 (in an FW07B). The new highly detailed and extremely attractive Saudia Leyland Williams FW07B is an absolute must for any Scalextric enthusiast.
Motor: ---
Publication Name: Adventures With Scalextric - Electric Model Racing Catalogue
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 22nd Edition
Adventures With Scalextric - Electric Model Racing Catalogue
Logo & Box Design:

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Car Year Details (8)

1981 C.138 Williams FW07B 1981
1982 C.138 Williams FW07B 1982
1983 C.138 Williams FW07B 1983
1984 C.138 Williams FW07B 1984
1986 C.138 Williams FW07B 1986
1987 C.138 Williams FW07B 1987
1988 C.138 Williams FW07B 1988
1989 C.138 Williams FW07B 1989

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1984 1986 Formula One Set

Service Sheets (2)

102C C.126 Lotus 77, C.131 March Ford 711, C.134 Elf Renault Turbo RS-01, C.135 Elf Tyrrell 008, C.136 Ferrari 312 T3, C.137 Ligier JS11, C.138 Saudia Leyland Williams FW07B February 1981
102C (Back) C.126 Lotus 77, C.131 March Ford 711, C.134 Elf Renault Turbo RS-01, C.135 Elf Tyrrell 008, C.136 Ferrari 312 T3, C.137 Ligier JS11, C.138 Saudia Leyland Williams FW07B - Back February 1981

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