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1982 - V8 Champion Set

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V8 Champion Set

Item: V8 Champion Set (Overall Item page)
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Category: Sets
Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
Year: 1982
Catalogue Number: C.666
Year Information: An exciting new introduction from Scalextric the Saloon Championship Set contains two British Leyland V8 Racing Rovers, 16 feet of track including the skill testing change-over tracks and offers the choice of three different circuit layouts.
The RAC British Saloon Car Championships have resulted in some fine performances being achieved over the past couple of seasons from the 3500V8 Rovers Two of the leading contenders in these series, the Triplex and PMG sponsored cars have been included in this new set to provide some fine excitement. The highly detailed and authentic decoration on these models can be added to at the drivers discretion by the transfer decoration sheet also included within this set. In any saloon car event the handling of the vehicle is critical and these two Scalextric models have been designed to display the superb roadholding characteristics necessary for such special competition cars. Racing these special competition cars on any one of the three track configurations available with this set soon puts more skill into the hands of every beginner. The 16 feet of track includes the skill testing change-over track (2 pieces) thus ensuring that both lanes are of the same length and that neither of the drivers has an unseen advantage. With Hat curves at either end of this racetrack the driver's cornering skills are tested to the limit, collisions can only be avoided by last minute braking.
A speed calculator is also included to enable the drivers to compare their results. The three optional circuits as illustrated above are available without the purchase of any additional track components. Each circuit has been carefully designed to provide the maximum excitement whilst ensuring each racing lane is of the same length guaranteeing that neither of the drivers has an unfair advantage over the other.
Publication Name: Scalextric - Electric Model Racing Catalogue - 23rd Edition 1982
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 23rd Edition
Scalextric - Electric Model Racing Catalogue - 23rd Edition 1982
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1982 C.666 V8 Champion Set 1982
1983 C.666 V8 Champion Set 1983

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Rover 3500
Released: 1981 1982 1983
12 White
Rover 3500
Released: 1982 1983
7 Blue

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